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Today I went to Leidenhausen (https://www.cologne-tourism.com/see-experience/poi/gut-leidenhausen/)  located in the Wahner Heide, the most species-rich nature reserve in North Rhine-Westphalia. I was really lucky, I spotted Eurasian Bullfinches, got photos of the boar, the deer and among the deer I spotted a raptor (have to check later what it was). I felt so lucky that I decided to push my luck and stop at “Bieselwald” on the way back… and yes I was lucky! I spotted the kingfisher! 🙂 At the end it dived into the water and I was too slow and unfortunately I didn’t see him come out again… But I was happy and, of course, I met my friend the heron again. It is always so fascinating that he’s not scared… 

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